MovieVUE's 2nd Generation Digital in-room movie and advertising system delivers latest release, box office movies free to your guest.

With MovieVUE, multiple TV Channels are configured to show a vast array of latest movies. Along with this is a dedicated movie guide channel so your guests know exactly what is on and when.

Internal advertising is also catered for which gives your premises an oppurtunity to advertise internal and/or external services to your guests.

  • Dedicated Movie Channels
  • InHouse TV Advertising
  • Fully Monitored 24x7
  • Automated Digital Delivery
  • Dedicated Movie Channel Guide
The Circle

Genre: Drama/Thriller
Rating: M
Run Time:109 minutes
The Son of Bigfoot

Genre: Ani/Comedy
Rating: PG
Run Time: 92 minutes
Logan Lucky

Genre: Comedy/Crime
Rating: M
Run Time:118 minutes